Photographer, Author, Speaker, Tour Leader and Travel Consultant. Covering Russia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. Mastermind and puppeteer behind Soviet Tours. I was born and raised in a sunny seaside town in Tuscany. After eternal years gone by in the sweet languor of seemingly endless summers, I moved north to study Slavic Languages in Berlin and Photojournalism in London. I spent the best time of my life travelling and photographing around four continents and more than eighty countries and counting. During my journeys I fell hopelessly in love with the complex geopolitical and cultural heritage of a vanished land that used to be called Soviet Union. After many a trip to almost every corner of the former USSR, I eventually launched my own tour operator, aptly named Soviet Tours, a boutique travel company focused on offbeat destinations in and around the former Eastern Bloc, Africa and the Middle East.